recommended settings in Windows. Go to Layout > Page Setup > Header & Footer. If you want to remove the header or footer permanently (there's no user interface like in Page Setup on Windows to easily change either) in Firefox on Linux, you can clear the various prefs Values to get rid of both them.. the media type @media print is your friend. I would like to inform that Windows 10 is by design doesn't have options to change the header and footer for printing from Microsoft Edge. In your css file create a media print section and set the content to display none eg Google Chrome: Go to the Menu icon in the top right corner of the browser and Click on Print button. How to Remove the Header and Footer When Printing in Firefox August 12, 2015 By Matt While Web pages are primarily designed as a visual medium, and are meant to be viewed on screens, there are many situations where you might open a file or Web page in Firefox and wish to print it out. That will open something similar to this (Pardon the old screenshot, I don't have access to a PC with a printer right now to get new pictures, but the set up is the same.) Click the Turn headers and footers on or off button on the … Thanks for your reply Arul. Tip: If you just want to remove the header and footer for a single print job, you can click on Print Preview, and then click on the button for “Turn headers and footers on or off” Then you can simply click the print button, and your print job will print without that extra information. In your css file create a media print section and set the content to display none eg Does Imonggo Support Multiple Branches or Locations? Then make sure all of the Headers and Footers dropdowns are set to -Empty-. Click More Settings on the left side of the screen.. Mozilla Firefox: Go to the Page setup option from the file menu and click the Margins & Header/Footer tab. Can't find setting in software to turn footer and header printing on and off. Microsoft Edge * At this time, we do not recommend using the Edge Browser, as our cards will not print properly. For whatever reason, Chrome doesn't have any options I can find for disabling headers and footers in printing. in this video you are going to learn how you can remove , hide header and footer text in google chrome while printing. They also give the option to print using system dialog (⌥⌘P) which (as you can see above) gives more options including adjusting margins and paper size. For example, if you are printing spine labels, you likely will not want Chrome to add a date or URL to the margins of your label. Information and links in this thread may no longer be available or relevant. I understand your concern about changing header and footer while printing from Microsoft Edge. (optional), Remove URL Information from the Invoice Print out, Turn off Print Preview and Remove Header and Footer Printing in Chrome, Choose Receipt Printer Paper Size for Mac, Change Default Printer Setting in Mac OSX, Multiple Credit Card Payment Gateway Account. Internet Explorer: Go to File -> Page Setup, then set every drop-down in the Headers and Footers section to -Empty-. NOTE: Unlike headers and footers in Microsoft Word, you cannot have different headers and footers in the same Notepad document. CSS code to remove header and footer from google chrome while printing: